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James Hardie Siding or LP Smartside?

Posted by Paul Trautmann on Tue, May 21, 2013 @ 04:25 PM

James hardie siding woodbury mnIn the world of siding there are many options.  Steel siding, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, cement board or fiber board siding.  The two higher end products that are gaining in popularity  are James Hardie fiber cement and LP Smartside fiber board.  So which product is better?

LP® SmartSide® siding products offer some advantages over fiber cement. 

Fiber cement products require:

  • Special safety training
  • Special gear 
  • Specific cutting tools.

So LP® SmartSide® is far more user friendly to the homeowner who is looking for a do-it-yourself type project.  The pro's of LP SmartSide products are

  • Less likely to break or crack than fiber cement
  • Lighter in weight
  • Easier to install which means quicker, easier installation.   

That doesn't mean the product is perfect.  There are some attributes to LP Siding that some homeowners object to.

  • Because LP® SmartSide® is a wood based product similar to Masonite it is not resistant to woodpeckers  
  • Installation instructions recommend adding a band stip to protect  the seams which makes the seams of the siding more visible and less desirable to look at.  

LP Smartside siding seams

LP SmartSide comes with a  5/50-Year Limited Warranty which provides a 5-year, 100% labor and replacement feature and a prorated limited warranty on the product.

Compare LP SmartSide Siding to James Hardie Siding

Introducing the HardieZone® System.  No matter where you live, now you can own a home with an exterior that's ideally suited for its local climate. The HardieZone® System offers siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where your home is being built. So while other siding companies offer a one-siding-fits-all solution, James Hardie gives you the ability to get the right siding for your climate.

James Hardie Has Taken Luck Out of the Equation

The HardieZone® System is based on the eight individual climatic variables that primarily affect long-term performance of siding. Using these factors they arrived at ten distinct climatic zones. Though different, they found common variables in certain regions, allowing them to engineer the HZ5 product line for zones 1 through 5 and the HZ10 product line for zones 6 through 10.


Pros to James Hardie Siding

  • Resistant to woodpeckers
  • Designed for the specific climate of the region you live in
  • Seams can be installed tightly with no additional bands

Again as with everything else there are some cons as well

  • James Hardie siding should be installed by a trained professional.  There are specific guidelines that need to be followed to make sure this product lasts
  • The product is not as rigid and will follow the coutour of your walls which may result in a little more waving of the siding.

For a free evaluation of your homes exterior, contact Timberland Exteriors Today at 651-439-1760.  Our estimates are always free.  Our motto is:  "It's not WHAT we do, It's WHY we do it!" 



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