Fast Facts About Mulled Windows

If you’ve never heard of window mulling, it’s the act of attaching two or more types of window units. Mulled windows are perfect for creating a dramatic window opening that features a clean and modern look that’s specially made for your home. To learn more about window mulling and its advantages to your home’s design, leading general construction company Timberland Exteriors explains what you need to know:

fast facts about mulled windows

How Window Mulling Works

Single large windows are great in any modern home, but there’s a limit to how large a window can be. Depending on the window unit and how it was installed, it can affect your home’s structural integrity if it’s too big. Mulling solves this problem as it allows you to retain your home’s structural integrity as well as its performance against natural elements.

Do You Need Mulled Windows?

Windows can be mulled either at the factory or at the work site when they’re being replaced and remodeled. This process is optional depending on what you want for your home’s design. However, you should also know that mulled windows must meet local building codes, which is why it helps to work with a home remodeling contractor who has the knowledge and experience to properly build and install them.

Different Features and Benefits

Mulled windows allow more natural light to come into your home, which means you’re less dependent on indoor artificial lighting. Mulled windows also create a bigger view of the surrounding landscape while also making your interiors look more spacious. Mulled windows can also create a focal point or a type of architectural interest in some of the main areas of your home such as the living room or the foyer.

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