Hardie Board Siding: The Ultimate In Curb Appeal

Among the top ways to add curb appeal to your home, none consistently stands as a top contender like replacement siding. Not only can replacement siding add beauty and value to your home but it protects your home as well. Although there are many benefits to new siding for your home, curb appeal is the most popular reason for choosing to upgrade your siding.

hardie board siding the ultimate in curb appeal

Among the many siding material choices in Detroit Lakes, Hardie board fiber cement siding is so often the favorite choice. This is partly due to the fact that it is versatile, durable, and lasts a lifetime. But did you know that it can also add huge curb appeal to your home? In fact, many homeowners choose it because of its amazing beauty and unique visual characteristics.

High-End Look

Siding accounts for most of the curb appeal of our house itself. The siding on your home has a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. If your siding is dingy and worn, it can make your home look older than it actually is. This can affect your home’s resale value, the value of the other homes in your neighborhood and even insurance rates.

Hardie board siding comes in many varieties, each having that high-end look that will bring your home into the “now”. Cement siding can take on the appearance of many other sidings but with the durability of cement.

Lasting Curb Appeal

With most siding choices, there will be some maintenance through the years. You will notice that through the years, the color of the other homes in your area will fade and need to be repainted. You will also notice your neighbors out cleaning, treating, and maintaining their siding every year. But this is not the case with cement siding. It is virtually maintenance-free.

Fiber cement siding is not your typical process and does require expert installation. After your initial Hardie siding installation in Detroit Lakes, though, you won’t have to think about your siding for years to come. The curb appeal of fiber cement siding lasts for a lifetime with almost no maintenance.

Unique Curb Appeal

Because of the unique properties of cement siding, you can give your home a distinct curb appeal that makes it stand out among other homes. Cement siding can be manufactured to mimic traditional lap siding, shakes, shingles, board and batten, and many more. This means that you don’t have to stick to one particular look for your entire home.

You can use one look on most of your home and still make a bold statement by siding one section in something completely different. Fiber cement siding can even be created in irregular shapes and sizes for a one-of-a-kind look.

Hardie board siding can give your home in Detroit Lakes that charm, elegance, and enviable curb appeal that you desire. Timberland Exteriors specializes in James Hardie siding installation. We believe in quality products and quality installation. Call us today for a consultation.