Things to Expect During Your Remodeling Project

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous before starting your home remodeling project. It is, after all, a big investment of your time and resources. However, knowing what to expect will help ease your fears. Timberland Exteriors™, top home remodeling contractor, explains what to expect during a home remodeling project:

things to expect during your remodeling project

Dust and Debris

Dust and other debris tend to gather close to the construction area. Fortunately, a reputable contractor will typically include clean-up as part of their services. The nature of this clean-up will vary depending on what kind of project you are undertaking. For instance, a roof replacement will involve the disposal of your current roof and the gathering of any stray nails and other debris left in your yard.


People at work repairing, remodeling, or improving your home will be noisy and this is something you will have to know how to deal with. Expect the sounds of thumping nail guns, whirring saws and more depending on what kind of home improvement project you are planning. Depending on how long your remodeling may take, we recommend moving into a temporary home until the noise subsides. As an experienced general construction company, we can offer you an accurate estimate on how long we will take to complete your project, so you can plan around it.

The Unexpected

Home remodeling projects can be complex, so learn to expect the unexpected. When planning your project with your contractor, ask them about any worst-case scenarios and other unexpected situations that may happen during your project. Find out if they have a plan in place to help minimize the chance of delays.

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