Windows and Passive Ventilation: What You Should Know

Passive ventilation refers to a non-mechanical method of bringing fresh, cool air into your home, while expelling warm, stagnant air out. This not only prevents excess moisture from being trapped inside your living space, it also improves indoor air quality. Aside from vents and doors, passive ventilation is implemented using windows–but there are still some essentials you should consider. Timberland Exteriors, the trusted vinyl window and fiber cement siding company in the area, shares them here.

windows and passive ventilation what you should know
  • Take window placement into account. To cool the home better, it’s a good idea to have windows installed on opposite walls. This allows air to circulate smoothly in and out of your home. Not only that, you should add windows on your home’s upper levels. This way–when the heat rises up–the warm air will have openings to escape through.
  • Consider which windows to open based on the time of day. For instance, you should open windows on the south and east sides early in the morning. That’s because they’re best at allowing fresh, cooling breezes into your home. Meanwhile, opening west and north-facing windows higher up helps keep the air moving. But what if you don’t have enough windows on the east and south sides? Then you only need to turn to the premier window installation service expert, Timberland Exteriors, for the necessary solution.
  • Choose the right window styles. You’ll want to choose windows that are operable and have large openings to better let in more natural ventilation. Casement windows are a great example–their sashes can be opened wide or angled to direct cooling breezes into your home. Another is double-hung windows. Both of their top and bottom sashes are operable. In fact, you can open both at the same time to allow warm air to escape through the top sash, and let in cool air through the bottom sash.

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