Factors Which May Affect How Your Asphalt Roof Ages

Knowing what may influence – for better or worse – the service life of asphalt roofs will allow you to take the necessary steps in ensuring your own roof’s good condition throughout many years. Storm damage restoration services provider, Timberland Exteriors, shares a few things homeowners should consider in choosing and caring for an asphalt roof.

factors which may affect how your asphalt roof ages

Shingle Quality

The quality of the materials you choose to build your roof helps determine how long your roof will remain in top shape. Although asphalt roofing has a reputation for being cost-effective, it can still last for up to 20 years or more, if you have top quality asphalt shingles.

Installation and Maintenance

The level of workmanship that your chosen roof installer possesses can help determine your roof’s service life. A similar principle guides other home improvement projects such as siding or vinyl window installation. How well your roof is built and then maintained, over time, will spell the difference between having a well-functioning roof throughout decades or one that requires repairs more often than can be considered normal.

Local Weather

The frequency of severe weather events where you live will also affect how long your roof may last before failing. It should help to hire a local roofer, like Timberland Exteriors, that is well-versed in what type of climate your location has and what type of roof and roofing materials will work best for your home.

Moisture Retention

Any asphalt roof that is left unchecked for moisture retention and all concerns stemming from it may deteriorate at an accelerated pace. Have your roof inspected at regular intervals, as well as, after each severe weather occurrence in your area. Doing so will not only preserve your roof’s integrity but the safety of your entire home and the health of its occupants too.

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