Things to Consider Before Having Skylights Installed

Skylights are great for adding natural lighting and warmth to your home, but getting them isn’t as simple as having holes punched in your roof and covering them in glass. In fact, there are some times when getting a skylight is not that easy. This is why our storm damage restoration experts have a rundown on things to check before getting them for your home.

things to consider before having skylights installed

Your Roof’s Frame

Some roofs are more suited to skylights than others. For example, stick-framed roofs are considered ideal because there’s plenty of space between the rafters. On the other hand, truss-framed roofs are too cramped to add skylights big enough to function efficiently. Consult with an expert to see if your roof is considered “skylight-friendly” before going through with the project.

Your Roof’s Slope

Vinyl window installation experts recommend checking the slope of your roof before having skylights installed. Moderate or steep-sloped roofs are perfect for skylights, while low-sloped ones will prolly require some modification (if possible, at all). Flat roofs are bad for skylights, because the lack of incline will cause water to pool up around the skylight’s frame.

The Type of Glazing

Skylights come in two popular types of glazing: glass and plastic. While glass is more expensive, it offers better durability, and provides a clearer view (which means more light passes through). On top of the glazing material, you also have to consider extra features such as laminates (more durability), low-E coating (to limit UV light) and gas fills (to provide better thermal control).

Consider Operable Options

Vinyl siding installation experts also recommend considering operable skylights. When fully opened, operable skylights add the benefit of providing extra ventilation for your home. However, you have to be very particular about the quality of an operable skylight; when fully closed, an operable skylight must form a watertight seal around its frame to prevent leaks during rainy days.

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