When to Replace Your Patio Door

Patio doors are typically designed to last for years. But due to a variety of factors, a patio door’s suggested life span may be cut short. In this case, you’ll have to plan for a patio door replacement as soon as possible.

when to replace your patio door

In this post, storm damage restoration expert Timberland Exteriors shares some tips on how to tell if your patio door already needs to be replaced.

Difficulty in Operating

If you are finding it hard to open and close your patio door, this could be a sign that it needs replacement. This type of issue is often due to damaged rollers or a misaligned track, so you might want to check these components first. In other instances, difficulty in opening and closing a patio door is caused by harsh elements like excessive heat and rain. To be completely sure about the cause of the problem, call a professional to carry out an inspection.


Drafts are a common problem in doors and windows, and they usually necessitate a new door or vinyl window installation. If your patio door is drafty, it will likely make it difficult for your interior to cool down during the warm season even though your air conditioner is functioning properly. In winter, you may notice that it still feels cold inside your home despite the heating. These scenarios occur because your patio door is leaking air. If this is really the cae, it’s best to replace your patio door immediately.


Gaps may form between your door and door frame due to weather damage. Over time, they may develop into the warping of the frame or sash. However, sometimes gaps may also occur because of poor installation quality. Either way, make sure to have your patio door inspected and replaced ASAP.

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